What does a “market-wide EBT system” mean?

At a farmers market with a “market-wide EBT system,” customers can shop at vendors selling SNAP eligible items. Customers purchase wooden market tokens with their EBT/ACCESS card that can be spent like cash, and they all receive an equal number of Fresh Food Bucks tokens that can only be spent on fresh, local produce.

For example, a customer could purchase $10 in market tokens to buy eggs and bread, and would received an additional $10 in Fresh Food Bucks tokens that could be used for fresh fruits and vegetables. The customer would receive a total of $20 in tokens, but would only pay for $10. No change can be given for tokens.

Easton Farmers Market, Northampton Farmers Market, Bath Farmers Market, Fresh Fridays Downtown Allentown Local Food Market and The Farm Market @ NCC all operate market-wide EBT systems.